De La Salle University Women’s Volleyball Team




Team Salute!

One last Salute to a great Team Captain! #2 Aby Marano!
Three times champion. Two times MVP. A real inspiration!
Heart and soul of the team, You will never be forgotten!

They lose the game, they lose the crown. This is one of the best games in whole seasons in past years. They hold the titles ever since, they won a Three-times champion in Women’s Volleyball. But this year they lose the game and its so hard to accept, and the Captainball Aby Mariño was graduated last month and she want to win the game but they failed. I can’t imagine that my favorite team was failed to winning the game, they cried but then again we salute to them because of they greatness never ends. Captain Aby we will miss you in next season of the game but we will never forget you Beast Mode in court. You are the best Captain Ball, the best Sister of them all and the best Volleyball Player.

La Salle’s team captain over the past two seasons, Maraño has had an illustrious career for the Lady Spikers. Maraño received the Most Valuable Player award twice and the best blocker plum once. She is a prime reason for DLSU’s consistency as a league leader in the blocking department as she has been leading the Lady Spikers in patrolling the net.

Thank you Captain Aby!



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